Hello World! Yet Again

Last updated: 16 April 2021

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I think most dev person or someone who learn programming language will be familiar with this expression. Every time you learn new language, you'll probably starting out with a very plain and simple yet useless app just to echo out a word "Hello World". Well that's good, at least it means you're starting out to learn something.

In my case tho, not really. Well, partially. I’ll tell you why in a moment.

So this post will marked as my first post on my new website. Sorry let me get back with that, this is my first ever post posted on my new personal website with my own domain name. Which is quite embarrassing, because I’ve been learning and into web development since I was in high school, and since then been wanting to have my own personal website. That’s why I said in my case this ‘Hello World’ doesn’t mean starting out to learn. I’ve learn enough at this point!

All of my previous website was just either blogspot or WordPress, and is never well maintained regularly. Even with this website, it took me about 10 months after I purchased this domain for me to really work on it and finish it. (Well actually, is not really done yet).

The reason? Procrastinate, Over thinking and not having enough time.

Procrastinate still is one of my own weakness that I’ve been trying to eliminate. I procrastinate… a lot, even sometimes at work and I really hate it so much. Internet, social media, and games is few things that causing me being procrastinate. This is totally on me, and I still can’t help my self. (I guess I need to have more commitment and stay focus to do it). I’m actually on a challenge to disconnected from social media for a month right now. The result: it’s actually working well, and did decrease my procrastination a bit. (I guess I have to do it more often).

Problem 2: Over thinking

I’ve planned everything. Starting from a sketch, I’ve write down the list of what should be in my website, I had the design ready, i’m confident that i can code it. But then when it’s time for execution? I keep changing my mind.

In terms of technology stack, I keep changing and over think which should I use for my website, initially I’m thinking of build my own cms from scratch, and then change my mind to try using WordPress, then OctoberCMS, and then recently, I decided to use Jekyll. (And now here I am migrating to Gridsome)

That’s only about tech stack, we haven’t even talk about design yet. I keep over think of what my website should look like, trying to make it good, keep changing and using all the modern and trending UI to my design. Design phase is probably the most waste of time, since it got me nowhere. And the other thing that I’m overthinking is the content itself. What should I put, what’s the name of it, and so on.

It’s a really waste of time. My advice: don’t overthink it.

The last problem I think it’s not really a big one but it does slowing me down. Responsibility strikes. I had my full time job works to do, sometimes I feel stressful about it and spent more time to focus working on that. Even if it’s not a problem, sometimes, having to commute everyday after work is really tiring. I always had in my plan to continue work on this after work, but the reality is, sometimes I’m to tired for that and finally did nothing.

This 3 problem combine together makes me became too lazy on finishing this things up. But hey, at least I’m catching up now.

This website of course is not fully done yet, there’s a lot of things that I’m having planned. Room for improvement, few things that I need to learn since this is my first time using Gridsome.

So with this posted, I hope it won’t stop after this post, I’ll keep writing and add more things that is useful not only for me but for anyone else who would read my website.

Until then, see you in the next post.