[Binge-Watch] Avengers Infinity War No Spoiler Review

FINALLY, the movie that i was waiting for so long just come out! What else if not the Avengers: Infinity War. This movie is still fresh, the premiere was just about a week ago, so while the hype is still high, and for the view, i'll write my review for this movie.

In this review i’ll stay away as far as possible from the spolier, i try my best to appreciate you who really hate the spoiler. So this review will be just a general review from me.

I’ll structure my review like this so that it can be easily readable:

Where is Avengers: Infinity War take place in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).



Filmography, Visual, CG, Acting, and all that stuff.

My Dissapoinment.


Where is Avengers: Infinity War take place in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

Avengers: Infinity War, in total, is the 19th movie in the MCU franchise and it’s included in the phase 3 of the franchise. 19th movie in 10 years time, it’s really a fantastic achievement. 10 years for them to build this franchise from the very first Iron Man movie, to this day. And finally, in this movie we can finally see Thanos in full action, since they introduced him in the first Avengers movie back in 2012, by the post credit scene, with his memorable note: “Fine, i’ll do it myself”, with him grabbing the Infinity Gauntlet. And it’s true, because in this movie, well he really literally do it by himself!

For those you guys thought it would be more focus on the Avengers, on the heroes, you’re gonna be suprised because in this movie, as Russo Brother always said in their interview, that 10 years, movie after movie they build up this franchise, they build up Thanos bit by bit, to make him a greatest threat after all for the Avengers, to this moment, and finally here we will see Thanos, so that’s why they always said, that this truly a Thanos movie.

Thor Ragnarok Post Credit Scene

Happens not so long after the event of Thor Ragnarok, if you’ve watched the movie you’ll remember in the post credit scene that Asgardian Ship met with Thanos Sanctuary ship after they save themself from Ragnarok. And this scene becomes the opening scene from the movie, which is like where we left off. And we can see clearly that storyline goes that Thanos has already begun his quest to collect all the stone since the beginning of the movie, with the help of his child known as Black Order, consist of Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive and Black Dwarf.

Thor Ragnarok itself happened 2 years after the Avengers: Age of Ultron, so we can assume that this movie is as well happened around 1 or 2 years time since the Civil War and some of the solo movie like Spiderman and Doctor Strange movie, this is based on my calculation on their confusing timeline.


Ok, speaking of the storyline, the pace in this movie is really fast. You gonna experience jumping from scene to scene rather quick. From the outer space and then move to New York scene, then back to space again, to Wakanda, to Titan, and so on. It’s understandable knowing that there are so many characters in this movie, and there’s so much going on, so to accomodate each character to have enough screen time, to have their character moment, this is understandable thing to do.

But even so the pace is really fast, the composition is still spot on it’s still great. The transition is still really smooth, with all the element combined perfectly, even the mood like from comedy back to action and then emotional momment happened really well. And every scene is like really straight to the point, without too much unnecessary detail added, so like the arc from others character seems to be dismished because of that. For example that, as i said this happened approximately 2 years after the event of Civil War, so what happened between those 2 years is not really being shown to the audience, just a little or just a fraction of it.

Like for example Tony Stark seems spend his time in those 2 years with Pepper Potts, Vision & Wanda ran together from Avengers facility, and lived together, even Capt met Bucky or Natasha met Bruce moment is just like that, like really awkward, even thought it’s been 2 years.

So it seems that Russo Brother purposedly do this to give more focus and attention to Thanos arc.

The Mad Titan. THANOS

I’ll start with Thanos, i personally very happy, that Marvel finally showed us the villain that is really invicible. I mean, it has to be. Thanos is the main character and main focus in this movie, and other than that he is really is the biggest threat to earth since the first Avenger, so he has to be shown as a powerful villain. The thing is, is that i always a bit dissapointed because Marvel usually sort of downpower some villain in their previous movie, so seeing Thanos is a relieved to me.

Mad Titan Thanos

What i like from him, is his motivation. His will of act. Even thought sounds weird or nonsense why he’s doing this, but his will and his determination is firm. And this movie, its really is about him, it’s his journey to get into his mission, which is wipe out half of the universe. We will see he has to sacrifice a lot of thing, we’ll see brief of his back story, even his emotional moment. This is why in my opinion makes him a very great villain.

In terms of appearance, he changed a lot since the first appearance in Avengers movie, even from the Guardian of Galaxy Vol.1, The CGI is definilety better now, and even the expression is more blend with Josh Brolin so that we can see his expression more clearly.

Teaming Up

Another strategy from Russo Brother for the screen time problem is to team them up. Iron Man with Doctor Strange, Spiderman and the Guardian of Galaxy, Team Captain America and Wakanda, Thor with Rocket and Groot, which is really works, and really awesome team up. Especially to me is, i think Iron Man and Doctor Strange, not only i like it because of the Sherlock connection between them, but it’s also because they both are a perfect combination. They’re smart, inteligence, strong and their humor is really perfectly matched. Same thing goes with Thor, Rocket and Groot.

Iron Man Team Up
Thor Team Up
Team Wakanda

So far in the MCU world, these 2 are my favorite. And in this movie itself, i like them even more. They’re really shine here, Doctor Strange had grown so much of his power and ability to control magic after the first movie, he even can cope with one of Black Order member, as well as with Thanos himself. Thor as well, it’s really freaking good, he has a very emotional moment, and has a very big ambition to fight and kill Thanos. And i think both of these character are the important key in the movie.

Doctor Strange

Another thing that i like from the character in this movie, most of them has new suit! Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Spiderman! They all have a really great new suit. Especially Iron Man, man his new armor is crazy good, using new nano technology, he don’t to bring and call his armor from the HQ anymore, it’s his arc reactor that will turn him into Iron Man. Thor has new weapon! You know after Hela destroy his armor, he needed a new one. Captain America given a new Wakanda shield from T’chala, and Spiderman got the Iron-spider suit, that we’ve seen in the ending scene of Spiderman Homecoming. Oh, Bucky also have new arm, a vibranium arm!

Filmography, Visual, CG, Acting, and all that.

Special for this movie, i had to watch it 2 times, first in a regular screen, and in the second time i tried to feel the IMAX version. The fact that Russo Brother said that they shoot their entire film with IMAX camera, made me interested to watch the IMAX version. And, it turns out to be really great! The scene felt really real, the CG is way better looking, especially in the outer space scene, i can feel the amazing immersive experience. So if you can, try watch it in IMAX version as well.

The visual effect and Filmography, no doubt about it is really great. If you ask me, because i’m not that expert i would say, they’re nailed it in terms of filmography. Even so, i feel some of the CGI aren’t very good, like it’s really noticable, but still other than that, it’s really amazing.

My Dissapointment.

My dissapoinment or more of my dislike with this movie, first is the plot twist and the ending that is really felt like a cliffhanger, and what makes me more dissapointed is that i would have to wait till next years to find out what is going to happen next.

Second thing is, Black Order. When i said that Thanos literally as his line “Fine, i’ll do it myself”, he really did it by himself most of the time. Because Black Order here felt like a joke, because the’re quite weakened by Marvel.

Third is how Thanos got the Soul Stone, in this part i felt that the scene was meh, i was like “what the heck?”, i don’t know maybe this is only me or what, but that’s part of my dissapointment as well. The fourth one is the post credit scene, which you’ve may already known about their tradition to tease for the next movie, and this one i’m a bit dissapointed because it’s not what i’m expecting. But it is still somewhat something important, so don’t miss it!

Last but not least: PETER QUILL. Why? Watch it and you’ll understand.

So to conclude, is Avengers: Infinity War worth to watch? Yes 100% if you’re a big fan of Marvel, and following MCU for a long time, clearly you need to watch this. Was it good? I would rated 4 of 5 personally, it was really great as a whole, the plot unexpected but is totally great, the visual, the character, the acting, the comedy is all really great. The comedy part is actually the most thing that i’m curious about, because there’re so many joker characters here, Guardian of Galaxy squad, Falcon, Doctor Strange even Iron man, but turns out it’s really great, they nailed it, and perfectly balance.

I like how Russo Brother made this as Thanos arc, where we see the movie more towards Thanos perspective. Although i saw that some character aren’t getting much screen time, it’s still totally understandable because there so many character here.

Question for those who haven’t watched MCU before, should we watched the previous movie first? Well, i recommend you to watch, don’t have to be all, be at least you’ll kinda understand, especially about Infinity Stones.

There so many things that i really want to talk about, but i can’t because i don’t want to spoil it here, so probably i’ll do another post for it.
That’s all my non-spoiler review, thanks for reading!